- Think global.Act.JAPAN- 世界的視野で見つめ、行動は日本からを座標軸に平和の象徴である美術をもって世界の平和に寄与したいと思います。

About the “ THE World ART EXHIBITION “
“THE World ART EXHIBITION“ which started in 2005,publicly seeks for paintings broadly from the world regardless of age or nationality, and also with variety of any artistic techniques, such as oil paintings, Japanese paintings, and mixed paintings. Then, we pick the best art work and make it open to the public.Each country has different art. However, we evaluate from the point of view “Art is unique.”- Think global・Act・JAPAN- with the coordinate axis “Watch with Worldwide View and Take Action from Japan,” we want to contribute the worldwide peace by fine art representing peace.Selected works will be exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.This is a chance to be seen by many people.Please apply by all means.

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